Chapter 5: Using Historians' Heuristics for Working with Primary Sources

Links to World Wide Web resources     

American/United States History

  • Primary sources on a variety of U.S. History Eras organized by time period

  • Lesson plans and document-based lessons produced by Polk County Public Schools

  • National Humanities Center primary source resources organized by teaching theme with primary source sets, lesson ideas, essential questions, etc.

  • A "Treasury of Primary Source Documents" pertaining to early American history.

  • Civil War Documents from Augusta County, VA and Franklin County, PA from the time of John Brown's Raid through the Reconstruction Era

  • Collection of U.S. historical documents

  • Currently offline temporarily but contains diaries from the Oregon Trail as well as pictures and interviews from historians about certain aspects of the Oregon Trail

  • Historical newspapers in the US from the Library of Congress

  • Documents from many American presidents (memos, fireside chats from FDR, etc.) as well as election data since the first election

  • Provided through the National Archives, includes images and audio as well as traditional primary sources organized by period in the US

  • Primary source resources for U.S. History

  • Library of Congress, "Teaching with Primary Sources" resources and links

  • Collection of documents related to the Civil Rights Movement

  • Collection of primary source document excerpts, textbook excerpts on an array of U.S. History topics


World History
  • A rich collection of ancient world history primary sources

  • A rich collection of medieval world history primary sources

  • A rich collection of modern world history primary sources

  • A collection of primary sources from ancient world history to World War

Downloadable instructional materials

  • Graphic organizer for supporting students' strategic use of primary sources
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