Chapter 6: Helping Students Make Inferences with Artifacts

Links to World Wide Web resources

  • An interactive website provided by the National Park Service explaining the use of dendrochronology to date artifacts

  • "Land of the Spirits: Reaching Out via Online Archeology" produced by the Virtual Museum of Canada

  • Several real life digs you can follow online, good for high school
  • Tour of a Roman Villa

  • Interactive Thanksgiving site from Plimoth Plantation

  • Virtual tour via panorama shots of the Battle of Gettysburg, organized in order of how it actually occurred

  • Includes a list of various online exhibits (eyewitness accounts, the influenza epidemic, etc.)

  • Online resources for teachers for teaching archeology hands on

  • "Archeology for Kids" archeology program created by the National Park Service

Downloadable instructional materials

  •  A graphic organizer for analyzing the bas-relief sculptures on the National World War II Memorial
          Figure 6.2.docx